I wanted to write a few lines about the future of The Italian Hero Website. This year the website will be at its 15th anniversary and the road had not been easy… I started this website with 21 years old and the aim to make it the most complete source about Riccardo Patrese on the internet. From 2002 to 2017 many things changed in my personal life: work, marriage… And I really thought, at some point, about closing the website since it has been pretty difficult keep it up with my life and also because doesn’t having any kind of support from Mr. Patrese make things really difficult sometimes.

I live in a country where is almost impossible to find items about Riccardo (being honest most of people here even don’t remember him anymore!), so many things I have to buy online from other countries and this “hunt” make me tired sometimes, but some people told me to not give up and, like Riccardo, I won’t give up despite the difficulties.

For 2017 I’ll try to work in the Photo Galleries in my free time to put it online again, it’s the priority. When this be done, I´ll try to think in another ideas and will be announcing here.

Riccardo was my childhood hero and I still want to pay him a tribute. I still want to make this place the most complete source about his career – even if this is an unofficial website without support from him, because my admiration for Riccardo is still strong as it was when I was a little girl who woke up early on sunday mornings for watch F1 races and cheer for him.

It is difficult to keep the website nowadays, I must admit, but I won’t let the dream disappear and while God give me strength, I will keep it going. This will always be a work from a fan to other Riccardo Patrese fans around the world and I would like to have you with me like always had.

Thank you very much for your understanding and your support.

Happy 2017!


PS: Sorry for my English, it’s not my first language.