The Website Creation

I have been a Riccardo Patrese fan since I was a 10 years old girl. The first time I saw him racing was during the 1990 San Marino Grand Prix and since then I started to follow his career. When I started to follow the driver, I knew the man behind the white helmet with dark blue stripes and became more and more impressed with his driving style and attitudes inside and outside track: he is a great driver, but also a great person, one of the Formula One´s true gentlemen and got a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately it was very hard to find informations about him in my country, but when I had conditions I started to get any kind of material I could from overseas, starting a nice collection about Riccardo, that grew up a lot during the years.

A small part of my Riccardo Patrese collection

My admiration for Riccardo never disappeared during all this time and I began to have a great desire to pay a tribute to him, show him all my support, make the fans remember him and his career and also show this great driver to the new generation of motorsport fans. I´ve just finished a Webdesign course and with internet becoming really big and important, I found a way to realize my dream: creating a website.

Riccardo Patrese: The Italian Hero (or simply The Italian Hero) was created in September 26, 2002, when I was 21 years old (you can see one of the first versions of the website here). I gave this name to the site because of Riccardo´s history: he didn´t have an easy career – had to work very hard, fight against obstacles inside and outside track and managed to overcome all them, becoming one of the most respected and loved Formula One drivers of all time. For all his conquers, for all he did, he is a hero, no doubt about it. I´ll try to tell his history here, there are still a lot of work to do, a lot of things to show and I´ll do my best to make this site a complete source on Riccardo´s career.


The Website Look and Feel

The color scheme of the website was always based on the Italy flag colors. In 2007 I started to work in a new color scheme based on Riccardo´s helmet colors, tested it (the site used officially those colors for about 2 months), but decided to keep the old scheme with few changes. In 2013 I brought back the scheme I worked based on his helmet, I only made some small changes on the 2007 scheme in order to fit perfectly in a wordpress template and used it during that year. In 2003 I started to use the Italy flag colors in the site´s name, no need to explain why. 😉

At the start of 2014 I decided to bring back the website classic colors, but I was having some technical issues with the template I was using, Atahualpa, and started to look for a new one while made the look and feel changes (If I find a good new theme I would change it, but if not I´d keep the old one and try to live with the issues). After looking several themes (free and premium), in late january a theme has caught my attention: Avada, a premium theme developed by Theme Fusion and sold at Theme Forest website. Since it was a premium theme (and a bit expensive), I did a good research about the theme before get it and came to the conclusion that the use of this theme would bring huge benefits to a website like mine that has lots of content. What made me choose Avada? It is a truly responsive theme and also ready for retina display devices, has lots of customizing options with no need of additional plugins (in the old template if I wanted to do some advanced style customization I needed to install several plugins…), it has a great side navigation template (which helped me to give visitors a better access to sections with lots of content like Histories and Interviews) and has a great support team which helps you with any kind of issue since the pre-order, answering all your questions in a very objective way, it was simply amazing! Avada really deserves its #1 selling theme position at Theme Forest. I tested and made researches on other themes, like Thesis for example, but for my project I found Avada the best of them all. 🙂

2016: new year, a new life and a new beginning for me. To celebrate, in april I launched a new style for the website with new colors and features, hope you like!

The white/blue/grey version used in 2007

About The Website Content

I publish here all the material about Riccardo I got through the years. Great part of the stuff I bought myself, but I also received many contributions from visitors and friends. I´m doing my best in order to give all credits to the real copyright owners and mention the contributors, but if you find here any material copyrighted to you or sent by you without credits, please let me know and I´ll give you the proper credits. All pictures and files shown here are for personal use only. Interviews/Histories/Photos from magazines, newspapers and websites don´t reflect the quality of the originals and they aren´t copyright free.

I am also happy to say that this website was the very first Riccardo Patrese Website to bring Riccardo´s video clips from internet sites (like YouTube, etc…) directly to its pages, instead of publishing them into a Social Network page. It was the very first Riccardo Patrese Website to have a dedicated area to these clips and I´m doing my best in order to give credits to all video clips uploaders. 😀

I´ll continue to improve this site and if you wish to help me, you can: sending articles, pictures (especially if they were taken by you), cartoons, pictures of collectible itens you have, race results and reports (especially from Karting, Formula Italia, Formula Pacific, Formula Atlantic, Formula 3, Formula 2, Sports and Touring Cars), curiosities and even your testimonials on how you met Riccardo and became his fan. Thank you very much in advance for the help! 🙂



In all these years I was very fortunate to meet great people: some authorized me to use their copyrighted material, others sent me contributions and offered me friendship, giving lots of support at the good and bad moments. I want to say a BIG thank you to you all:

Michel Sterrenberg Simon Panton Dave Dyer
Jean-Michel Lefebvre Michael Rinklef Hannah Crick
François Belley Zeph Roger Dawkins
Marco Siboni George Standaar “PT Racer”
Umberto Cattani Mario Curti David Staplehurst
Stefano Viazzo Miha Furlan Paul Kooyman
Wladimir A.C. Max Davies Anthony Fosh
Mark Fidell Patrck Williot Chris Beechler
Heinrich Jansen Matthew Walters Jean-Pierre Vacherot
Stewart Ericock Cor van Veen
Dan Morgan Martin Lee Dale Kistemaker
Peter Novani Keith Lewcock John Millar
Garry Beppe Giuliano Rainer Nyberg
Jorge Felix Laura Cardia João Paulo Cunha
Nicole “Nikki” Smith Lisiane Polli Dries Dorme
David Hopkins Greg O´Neil Alexis
Gustavo Lopez Martin Hadwen Jim Santoro
Andrew Novikov Frank de Jong Dennis Robroek
Heike Hallenberger Chris Balfe Mark Schaffer
Warren Dilson “Mc Laren” Greg Alexander
Konstantin Jelezny “UKF1” “P34”
Ron Keene “Senna Fan” Iuri P.
Sandra Keiko Eugene Cariaga Renato Noviello
Jean-Claude Derringer Renato Chiaratti Peter Maynard
Marcus Medeiros Ben Tomey Rodrigo Mattar
Bruno Mantovani Jeroen de Laat  Larry Roberts


Privacy Policy

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Final Words

This is a fan website, it is not maintained or endorsed by Riccardo Patrese and I don´t make profit with it. This site is also not sponsored by anybody. I just want to pay my own tribute to Riccardo showing his history and importance to the Motorsport World. If you find any errors here, please let me know and I´ll correct them. English and Italian are not my primary languages, so my apologies if you find language errors here. Any similarity to other websites is merely a coincidence.

Thank you very much for the support, visit and patience on reading this about page. Keep visiting us, as I said, my aim is to have the most complete source on Riccardo´s career and I´ll do my best to achieve it! 😀

All the best,

Vanessa “Ness” M.
The Webmistress