Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? (1978)

Riccardo Patrese is threatened with a ban from taking part in the American Grand Prix. Is this action justified?

Story of a Private Man (1978)

He doesn’t like big dinners, lively parties nor fashionable resorts. For these reasons, he often spends a few days holiday, whether in winter or summer, in Cortina D’Ampezzo in the Dolomites. It’s a far cry from town life and form the world of Formula One. He has old friends there, he can be quiet at Cortina with his family. During high season, some of the Italian jet-set go to Cortina, but Riccardo manages to stay out of their way. Patrese prefers to lead a quiet life, very different to his temperament. Other drivers prefer to bathe in the glory of their fame, but not Riccardo.

Patrese, fine di un sospetto (1981)

Il tribunale ha assolto con formula piena il Padovano e Restelli dall’accusa di omicidio colposo per il tragico incidente di Monza ’78

Disbelief… And A Mother Who Cares (1982)

Even for the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix it was difficult to believe that this race was really his. Bad luck and bitter memories litter Riccardo Patrese’s past experiences at Monaco. But one person never gave up hoping that her son would eventually do it… and on Sunday her faith in him was finally vindicated.

In From the Outside (1984)

With more than seven years of experience in Formula 1 behind him, one of the world’s most gifted drivers has only two Grand Prix successes to his credit. Did Riccardo Patrese, darkly handsome and always so silent, burn his chances of being a champion again when he left Brabham? In a new kind of GPI profile, we study the man through the eyes of people who have known him as a driver and a human being.

Bread and Circuses – The Patrese Formula (1988)

Bread and circuses, you will remember, was the patrician Roman’s formula for what must be offered to the people to keep them happy: Bread, the staff of life, and circuses – those great spectacles of armed combat in the Colosseum and other arenas throughout the expanding Empire.

From Villain to Hero (1989)

After 12 largely undistinguished and sometimes controversial years in grand prix racing, Riccardo Patrese finally came good in 1989, finishing third in the world championship. Mike Doodson and Shaun Campbell review the career of Formula 1’s most experienced driver.

A Grand Prix Landmark (1990)

Bjorn Borg became Wimbledon champion by the second year running; at Wembley, Manchester United won the FA Cup; people went nuts in the States when Jimmy Carter was sworn in as President; Elvis Presley died, as did Bing Crosby and Charlie Chaplin; and the first “Rocky” movie launched Sly Stallone upon an unsuspecting world. The year, in case you hadn’t guessed, was 1977, and apart from all those exciting developments, a young Italian called Riccardo Patrese took part in his first Grand Prix.

Born-Again Superstar (1991)

Now in his 15th season of Formula 1, Riccardo Patrese is driving better than ever and taking the limelight with a seemingly permanent smile on his face. Shaun Campbell  tries to find out what lies behind the Williams driver’s astonishing form and why he finds life so amusing.

“I never give up” (1992)

Riccardo Patrese is the most experienced man in Grand Prix history. Far from being past his prime, he is as capable as ever of beating the “stars”

Mito – Riccardo Patrese (1998)

La vettura bianco-blu guidava in quel pomeriggio di primavera sereno e festoso il Gran Premio di San Marino. Dietro di lei, come una minaccia, c’era una Ferrari. Non una Ferrari qualunque, ma “la” Ferrari di quegli anni, la numero 27, che aveva perso il suo eroe l’anno prima, ma che grazie al suo indimenticato alfiere era entrata nel mito. Dunque la vettura bianco-blu precedeva la numero 27 e Imola, che l’anno prima aveva assistito al duello fratricida tra i due ferraristi e li aveva persi entrambi pochi Gran Premi dopo, stava col fiato sospeso. Aspettando quella vittoria, che, sul Santerno, avrebbe “vendicato” il ricordo di Gilles Villeneuve. E chissà cosa sono il destino, l’ansia di rivincita o il dolore. 

Legends: Riccardo Patrese (2002)

Riccardo Patrese is one of those racing drivers who ages well, I thought again when I saw him in Monaco a few weeks ago. Greying a little, and strolling around with a son much taller than he is, he has the look of a man at peace with himself.

The Domination Game (2002)

Nigel Mansell and Williams blitzed their opposition throughout 1992, yet ended the year in acrimony. What went wrong?

Patrese: more sinned against than sinning? (2007)

Wrongly blamed and banned for the death of Ronnie Peterson, Riccardo Patrese explains how he regained his peer’s respect.

“El Largo y Tortuoso Camino…” (2011)

Si en una reunión con nuestros amigos habláramos de pilotos favoritos, seguramente más de alguno diría Senna, otro Schumacher, alguien con tono desafiante diría Prost, hasta podrían aventurarse a señalar a Vettel u otro más nostálgico hablaría de Fangio, Clark, etc., pero estoy seguro que alguien me diría Patrese. Pero por qué Patrese?, alguno puede considerarlo en el grupo de los eternos segundos, pero la historia de Patrese tiene algo más que contar.

I 60 Anni di Riccardo Patrese (2014)

17 aprile 2014 – Oggi ricorre una giornata particolare, perchè festeggia 60 anni uno dei protagonisti della Formula 1 del passato, per lungo tempo recordman delle presenze in Formula 1, con 256 Gran Premi all’attivo, e cioè il padovano Riccardo Patrese.

Riccardo Patrese, o fiel escudeiro (2014)

Longe vão os tempos em que a Itália foi um esteio de pilotos para a Fórmula 1. Desde a compulsória aposentadoria de Jarno Trulli, nenhum nome daquele país despontou para a categoria máxima – um contraponto com a profícua safra dos anos 70/80/90. Um desses nomes, aliás, completou 60 anos no último dia 17 e sua carreira será relembrada no blog. Refiro-me a Riccardo Patrese, que por 15 anos manteve o recorde de participações na Fórmula 1, com 256 largadas em quase vinte anos de carreira.

Il ‘cativo’ innocente (2015)

Leggendo “I cattivi del circus”, identificabili con Pastor Madonado e Romain Grosjean, mi sono tornati in mente i primi anni della carriera di Riccardo Patrese.

Il rifiuto di Enzo Ferrari (2015)

Dopo il Gran Premio del SudAfrica 1978, in cui si era distinto al volante della Arrows-Ford Cosworth con sette autorevoli sorpassi sfiorando la vittoria che mancò a quattordici giri dal termine, Riccardo Patrese fu convocato da Enzo Ferrari a Maranello.