Riccardo Patrese was born in Padova, Italy, in April 17th 1954. Since his childhood he was involved with sports and his first sport was the Ski. He started to practice this sport too early, when he was a little boy and followed it until he was 20 years old. He was a top skier and even won championships like the Coca – Cola Ski Championship in the early seventies.

The cars always were part of Riccardo’s life and with 9 years old he had his first experience in motorsport driving a Kart. At the start he drove Karts only during summers just for fun. During winters the young Riccardo used to participate of swimming competitions. Yes, Riccardo was a swimmer, too. He followed this sport until he was 15 years old. Riccardo was a free style swimmer and for the relay a back-stroke swimmer. He left the swimming competitions when his team broke up…

Riccardo continued to do Kart races and since that time he impressed everyone with his talent. In 1974, with 20 years old, he won the world title and received an offer to drive for the Nettuno Racing Team in Formula Italia where he had a brilliant participation finishing the championship in the second place.

In 1976 he went to European Formula 3 where he won the title in his rookie year!! In 1977 he went to Formula 2 and in that same year he made his debut in Formula 1 in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Patrese stayed in Formula 1 for 17 seasons, he had ups and downs but ended his career being one of the most respected and loved Formula 1 drivers. He won 6 races and got 8 pole positions in 256 Grand Prix and still has the record of Grand Prix starts. Riccardo’s best position in the World Championship was the second place in 1992, a year where his team, Williams, had the best car and dominated the championship. He retired from F1 at the end of the 1993 season after a bad year in Benetton.

After retiring from Formula 1 Riccardo participated of the German Super Touring Championship in 1995 and of the 25 Hours of Le Mans in 1997.

Actually Riccardo works in PR. He participates of Horse Jumping contests where he already won some titles. He is the president of Associazione Mondiale Piloti per la Solidarietà and plays soccer in the Associazione’s team, the Nazionale Piloti, in charity games. He also participates of charity soccer games playing in the Star Team for Children created by Prince Albert of Monaco. Riccardo plays a lot of Tennis and Golf, too and sometimes we can see him again in the motorsport scene going to watch some F1 races in the Paddock and participating of the traditional Goodwood Festival of Speed in England (his last appearance there was in 2013).

In 2005 and 2006 Riccardo returned to compete as a racing driver and took part in the Grand Prix Masters Series, a Racing Series for former Formula 1 Drivers with more than 45 years old, and in his debut race in Kyalami he finished in third showing that still was very competitive.

  • Full Name: Riccardo Gabriele Patrese
  • Date of Birth: April 17 1954
  • Place of Birth: Padova (Italy)
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Height: 1.76m
  • Marital Status: Married (wife: Francesca Accordi)
  • Children: 5 – Sons: Simone (1977) and Lorenzo (2005). Daughters: Beatrice & Maddalena (twins, 1985) and Elena (2014)
  • F1 Seasons: 17
  • Grand Prix Starts: 256
  • Poles: 8
  • Victories: 6
  • Second Places: 17
  • Third Places: 14
  • Fourth Places: 8
  • Fifth Places: 15
  • Sixth Places: 13
  • Fastest Laps: 13
  • Podiums: 37
  • Best Position in F1: 2nd (1992)
  • Retirements: 131
  • Leading: Led 33 times in 30 GPs
  • First F1 Season: 1977
  • Last F1 Season: 1993
  • Total Points: 281
  • Parents: Mario and Elena Patrese
  • Brother: Alberto
  • Hobbies: Horse Riding, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Ski, Jet Skis, Collecting Model Trains and Watches
  • Biggest Hates: Liars, Fireworks/ Firecrackers
  • Eyes´ Colour: Green
  • Nicknames: Rick, Papi
  • Best Subject at School: History
  • Left/ Right Handed: Right Handed
  • First Car: Fiat 127
  • Favourite Food: Bread
  • Least Favourite Food: Liver
  • Favourite Race Track: Imola
  • Least Favourite Race Track: Magny Cours
  • Favourite Colour: Blue
  • Favourite Actor: Sean Connery
  • Favourite Film: Indiana Jones
  • Favourite Type of Music: He likes most types of music, specially classical music
  • Least Favourite Type of Music: Heavy Metal

  • Starts to race with go-karts


  • Italian Karting Champion


  • European Team Karting Champion


  • Karting World Champion


  • Debuts in Formula Italia finishing the championship in 2nd


  • Italian Formula 3 Champion
  • European Formula 3 Champion
  • Monza Lottery Winner


  • Italian Formula 2 Champion
  • 4th Place in European Formula 2 Championship
  • Debuts in Formula 1 at the Monaco Grand Prix by Team Shadow
  • Gets his first Formula 1 points at the Japanese Grand Prix
  • Gets his first (and last) Formula 2 victory in Suzuka
  • Macau Grand Prix Winner


  • Macau Grand Prix Winner
  • Gets the leadership of a Formula 1 race for the first time
  • First Formula 1 podium (Swedish Grand Prix)
  • Giro d´Italia Winner


  • Debuts in Sportscars racing with Team Lancia, getting his first pole position and victory at Sportscars in this same year
  • Debuts in Touring Cars Championship, getting the pole position in his first race
  • Second Place in Macau Grand Prix


  • 50th Formula 1 Grand Prix – Canadian Grand Prix
  • Wins 4 Sportscars races with Team Lancia
  • Giro d´Italia Winner


  • Gets his first Pole Position in Formula 1 at the USA West Grand Prix
  • Gets two podium finishes in Formula 1
  • Wins the Watkins Glens Grand Prix for Lancia in Sportscars


  • First Formula 1 Victory – Monaco Grand Prix
  • Wins 5 World Endurance Championship races with Team Lancia


  • Gets his second Pole Position in Formula 1 at the Italian Grand Prix
  • Gets his second victory in Formula 1 at the South African Grand Prix


  • 100th Formula 1 Grand Prix – Italian Grand Prix
  • Gets a podium finish in the Italian Grand Prix
  • Gets a Pole Position in Silverstone and a victory in South Africa for Lancia in the World Endurance Championship


  • Gets 4 Pole Positions and 1 victory for Lancia in the World Endurance Championship


  • 150th Formula 1 Grand Prix – French Grand Prix
  • Gets a podium finish in the Mexican Grand Prix


  • Gets Pole Position and victory for Alfa Romeo at the Magione Grand Prix in Italian Super Touring Car Championship
  • Giro d´Italia Winner


  • Becomes the driver with most Grand Prix Starts in Formula 1
  • Gets his third Pole Position in Formula 1 at the Hungarian Grand Prix


  • Wins the San Marino Grand Prix
  • 200th Formula 1 Grand Prix – British Grand Prix


  • Gets two Formula 1 victories in Mexico and Portugal
  • Gets 4 Poles Positions in Formula 1 (Canada, Mexico, France and Portugal)
  • Gets 8 podiums finishes (Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and Japan)


  • Wins the Japanese Grand Prix
  • Gets 9 podium finishes (South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, San Marino, Monaco, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Japan)
  • Gets a Pole Position in the Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Gets the 2nd place in the FIA Formula 1 Drivers Championship


  • 250th Formula 1 Grand Prix – German Grand Prix
  • Two podiums finishes (Great Britain and Hungary)
  • Races his last Formula 1 Grand Prix at Australia


  • Takes part in the German Super Touring Cars Championship driving a Ford Mondeo


  • Tests the 1996 Williams Formula 1 car in Silverstone and gets a time that would be sufficient for put him in the 5th place on the grid for that year´s British Grand Prix


  • Takes Part in Le Mans 24 Hours with Nissan


  • Returns to racing, debuting in Grand Prix Masters Series
  • Gets his first podium finish in GP Masters in his first race (South African Grand Prix)


  • Tests the Team Honda Formula 1 car