Face to Face with Riccardo Patrese (1981)

Riccardo Patrese has been a different man since the start of this year’s Grand Prix season. He’s more open, more relaxed and seemingly more happy with his life. That’s perhaps because he feels a weight has been taken off his shoulders. Forgotten are his frequently fruitless drives in the middle of the field, the fact he was driving for a second-rate team, and his controversial reputation. Riccardo has left all that behind. After four years of waiting, he now has a competitive car with which he can pick up top three positions. But it’s not really that Riccardo himself has changed, it’s his life that is different.

Riccardo, racconta (1982)

Lungo colloquio (a ruota libera) con Patrese alla vigilia della stagione per lui più importante.

No Hard Feelings (1983)

Thirty is a turning point in most people’s lives, a time to take stock. The day after the French Grand Prix, we met a Patrese quite unlike his public image. He spoke to us kindly and with insight about his career and his hopes, not to mention a certain contract with Ferrari…

Petulant, or just shy? (1983)

Pino Allievi talks to Riccardo Patrese about his attitudes to F1 and his own very personal private life.

La Blessure Oubliée (1987)

Interview by Patrick Camus for Auto Hebdo (in French).

Never the Bride (1988)

It isn’t very often that Murray Walker is lost for words. There is, however, one memorable occasion when poor Murray was utterly speechless. It was the Monaco Grand Prix of 1982 and Alain Prost was cruising to victory in his Renault. And then, in the closing laps, the French car slid out of control and crashed heavily on the waterfront. Riccardo Patrese took the lead in his Brabham. Half a lap later he had spun at the Station Hairpin. Didier Pironi’s Ferrari and the Alfa of Andrea de Cesaris both ran out of fuel on the last lap. “It’s incredible!” shrieked Murray, “Derek Daly is in the lead.” As he spoke the cameras zoomed in on the Irishman as he climbed out of his wrecked Williams. Murray had been silenced. Through it all came Patrese, his car bump started from a dangerous position, to score his first Grand Prix victory.

Nel Mezzo del Cammin di Nostra Vita… (1989)

Per noi giornalisti che viviamo gomito a gomito nei giorni del Gran Premio è diventato sempre più impossibile o quanto meno raro scambiare quattro chiacchiere con i piloti, che non siano superficiali. Difficile soprattutto riuscire a trasformare un´intervista in un colloquio intimo e senza riserve. A me personalmente è capitato con Riccardo Patrese veterano delle corse, e non a caso.

Along Life’s Road (1989)

For journalists like ourselves, who live shoulder to shoulder during the days of the Grand Prix, it’s become nearly impossible, or at least a very rare occurrence, to exchange a few words with the drivers, aside from the most superficial of pleasantries. Hardest of all is to manage to turn an interview into an intimate “tetê-a-tête”. But that’s precisely what happened between myself and racing veteran Riccardo Patrese and it was no coincidence.

Le Retour du Dur de Padoue (1989)

Interview by Patrick Rivet for Sport Auto (in French).

New Frontiers (1990)

At 36, Riccardo Patrese and Nigel Mansell are both among Grand Prix racing’s elder statesmen. While Nigel has decided to call it a day and put his family first, Riccardo’s wife, 13-year-old son and young twin daughters will have to wait. Despite Patrese reaching 200 Grands Prix at Silverstone, racing still comes first.

Japanese Interview (1991)

Riccardo interview for the Japanese magazine Grand Prix Xpress (GPX).

Helmet Off (1992)

Questionnaire from Formula 1 News Magazine where Riccardo answers questions about his career and private life.

Over the Hill… not! (1993)

As he prepares to celebrate his record 250th GP start, Riccardo Patrese appears highly motivated, despite his shaky start to the ’93 season.

Patrese Ritorna (1995)

Si appresta a rientrare nel mondo delle corse dove gareggerà nel turismo tedesco con la Ford Mondeo. Ma non rinnega il suo passato in F1. Anzi, con determinazione e orgoglio mette i puntini su 17 anni di gloriosa carriera e, senza peli sulla lingua, racconta il suo amaro, ultimo anno in Benetton.

La storia si ripete (2005)

12 anni fa, con Briatore d.s., il confronto Patrese-Schumi. Ora tocca a Fisichella con Alonso.

Lunch with… Riccardo Patrese (2010)

His Formula 1 career lasted a remarkable 17 seasons, during which there were some dark moments but also six well-deserved wins. And through it all, Patrese emerged as one of the good guys.

A Chat with Patrese (2011)

Even today, some sixteen years since he retired from Formula 1, Riccardo Patrese is a man at ease. The Italian was the most experienced F1 driver in the history of the sport; having competed in 256 races during a 16 year career, until Rubens Barrichello surpassed that landmark at the 2010 Belgian Grand Prix. Though he was never spoken of in the same breath as his rivals of the day, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet or Niki Lauda, neither was he a journeyman. On occasion, he could deliver performances from the top drawer but above all, like Derrick Warwick, he is remembered as being simply, one of the nicest men to have graced the grand prix paddock.

Il Mattino di Padova (2013)

Articolo sul Mattino di Padova per Riccardo Patrese, in occasione della serata organizzata per l’associazione padova104.com

Quel GP del Messico 1991… (2015)

C’è un solo pilota italiano ad aver vinto una delle quindici edizioni del Gran Premio del Messico valevole per il mondiale di Formula 1: Riccardo Patrese, al volante della Williams Renault quando aveva Nigel Mansell come compagno di squadra.